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Who We Are

Women of HVAC strives to include and promote women in an industry traditionally reserved for men.

Our country desperately needs skilled technicians to diagnose, repair and install heating and cooling equipment. The field is currently experiencing incredible demand, with a low supply of workers and lacking capable women for the job. As a result, heating and cooling technicians are earning great rewards and benefits. Our goal is to bring awareness and showcase stories from women in the field, and provide necessary tools to start a successful HVAC career.

Women of HVAC offers resources, connections, and educational options to women who are considering a career in the HVAC industry.


Becoming an HVAC installer is more than knowing the technical systems. It requires a variety of skills including:

Opportunities & possibilities

A career in HVAC offers a variety of workplaces

Medical Facilities


Research Laboratories



And many different roles including:

entry level helper

Entry-level helpers communicate and assist with senior technicians with the installation and servicing of systems and equipment.

Start-up technician

A start-up technician is responsible for comprehending the initial installation and checking that the equipment operates to the company's standards.

Service technician

An HVAC service technician assesses equipment and identifies what type of maintenance is required for the system.

Systems designer/engineer

Systems Designers and Engineers possess an educational background in engineering, along with a strong attention to detail for designing systems.

Service manager

Service managers manage the operation of an HVAC company, from assigning specific jobs to overseeing the outcome of each employee’s work.

HVAC business owner

HVAC business owners hold a higher responsibility by taking lead for the marketing and financial obligations of the company.

Success stories

from a variety of women working in the HVAC industry.

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